Technical features

  • 3-speed belt drive
  • Automatic tail rotor drive belt tensioner/-spring damper
  • Main drive belt tensioner
  • 30 mm carbon-fiber, strutless, tail boom
  • Straight swashplate linkage
  • Extremely small, compact design with high torsional stiffness
  • Center of gravity close to the rotor plane
  • Double (x2 separate units) needle bearing clutch


Technical specifications

Basic weight of the mechanics including canopy: 1.65 Kg´s (not including: motor, servos, regulator, batteries or rotor blades)

All up weight with standard equipment  

~2950 g´s (3xBLS452, 1xBLS251, Jive 120+ HV, Pyro 700-52, BeastX, Maniac3 710 mm, 115 mm tail rotor blades, canopy)
Main rotor blades: 690-720 mm
Tail rotor blades: 105-120 mm
Motor: 65 mm diameter max.
Main rotor speed: 1000-2300 r.p.m.
Variable reduction ratio between motor and intermediate shaft:

1:4 – 1:2.88 (18–25 drive belt pulley)

Reduction ration between intermediate and main rotor shaft: 1:3
Ratio between main rotor and tail rotor: 1:5.54
Battery cell size: Maximum 60 mm width and 60 mm height